Ningbo Huihong Fashion Design Co., Ltd. is a clothing company specializing in design, manufacturing and trading, which mainly operates pajamas, casual women clothing, sweaters, yarns, fabrics and other products. Our products are mainly sold to Europe, America, Middle East, South America, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries and regions in the whole world. Currently, our company has more than 120 employees, as well as a mature product R&D team and professional capable marketing service personnel, is equipped with a fabric testing center and proofing workshop, internally and comprehensively executes ERP management system as well as IS0900l, ISOl400l and OHSASl800l integrated management system, and sets up branches in Shanghai, Ningbo and other places.
Our company is devoted to creating our own brand advantages all the time, integrates European/American fashion with the traditional oriental aesthetic consciousness, and provides products with unique design, novel style and exquisite workmanship as well as processional meticulous services for customers by constantly absorbing the latest technologies and the newest fashion in the international clothing industry.
Vision:fly in the blue sky
Core Values (5H
Healthy life values, healthy work values, healthy family values, healthy wealth values
High EQ, good contact: experience pleasure in work, study and life, be good at overcoming negative induced emotion, optimistically create value, and joyfully share value.
Guard against arrogance, be good at listening, understanding and forgiving others’ opinions and suggestions, and constantly improve our own humanistic quality, scientific quality and aesthetic quality.
Strive to achieve harmonious development of career, life and study based on physical and mental harmony of the staff, making models and contributions to the construction of harmonious society.
Realize sustainable development, enabling the staff to harvest both material and spiritual civilization.
Three Beauties:
Natural Beauty:pay attention to environmental protection and ecological safety from raw material selection to processing inspection control.
Technical Beauty:pay attention to technical beauty and continuously create technical beauty from product R&D to process improvement.
Social Beauty:integrate cultural elements in both ancient and modern times in terms of design originality, and create social beauty by love and wisdom.
Mission in the future 10 years: Found the beauty,create and transfer beauty.
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Ningbo Huihong Fashion Design Co., Ltd.
Add: 6/F, Building 1, Hengyuan Commercial Square, No.1988, North 3rd Ring East Road, Cixi City, Ningbo, China
E-mail: hh@cnjanson.com
Website: www.nbhuihoo.com
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